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Astra Launch product offerings
  • Astra Launch Online
    A one year license to use the online version of Astra Launch is accessible for an investment of $US399. Every extra account within the same organization costs $US99 / year.
  • Astra Launch Handbook
    Alternatively the Astra Launch handbook is available for use and can be purchased for an investment of $US249. More information on the Handbook can be found here
  • Astra Launch Package (1 year online license + handbook)
    If you are interested in the online version of Astra Launch as well as the Astra Launch Handbook a discount is offered of $US99 as they are both accessible for a total investment of $US549.

If you are interested in purchasing a version of Astra Launch for your organization's intranet (enables the creation of multiple users amongst other benefits) then please contact us.

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$US249 each

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The cost for the first online license (for one year's use) is $US399 p.a. and $US99 p.a. for each additional license in the same organization i.e. two licenses within the same organization would cost $US498 p.a.



A discount of $US99 is offered if you order one or more handbooks together with one or more online licenses (package)

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